Frequently Asked Questions


Are cereal boxes recyclable cardboard? 


Cereal boxes are recyclable; however, they are paperboard and should be recycled with mixed paper.


Does Berkeley county have a paint recycling program? 


We do not have a paint recycling program; we recommend that unused paint be donated when possible; however, paint must be hardened using a substance such as kitty litter or mortar mix before disposing into regular trash. Our landfill cannot accept any liquids.


Can phone books or hard back books be recycled?

Yes, these may be recycled with mixed paper at any of our nine convenience centers or drop-off sites.


Can businesses use our Drop-off Recycling Sites? 

Businesses may use these sites only for recycling cardboard and other comingle recyclables; however, businesses are not allowed to use our nine residential convenience centers.


How many tires may residents bring to the Convenience Centers each day?

Residents may bring up to 5 automobile / pick-up truck tires per day to the Convenience Center Sites.


Do you all accept motor oil at your Convenience Centers?


Yes, we do.


Does Berkeley County accept cooking oil?


Yes, we do accept cooking oil;  Please filter out any particulates prior to recycling; it may be put in the GOFER oil containers at all Convenience Sites.


Does Berkeley County recycle batteries?


We recycle Lead Acid batteries, meaning automotive, marine and lawn mower batteries; we also recycle Nickel-cadmium batteries, which include rechargeable batteries from cordless phones, cell phone, cameras, laptops, and power tools. We do not recycle small household batteries, for example: AA, AAA, C, D or 9-volt batteries.


How do I sign up for curbside recycling?


Please call Republic Services operating as Fennell Container at 843-873-4810 to sign up for service. Recycling bins can also be purchased for $10.00.


What kinds of vehicles are prohibited from BCWS Convenience Center Sites? 


Dump trucks, Box trucks such as U-hauls, and any double-axle trailer or trailers longer than 10 feet.


What commodities are considered “e-scrap” and have been banned from the landfill? 


The following electronic items were banned from the landfill as of July 1, 2011: televisions, computers, monitors, printers, and all other computer components.These items cannot be placed in regular trash, but they can be brought to any of our nine convenience centers for recycling. 

Residents are asked to bring no more than 3 of these items a day. Businesses who need to recycle these items may contact DHEC for more information.


Do you accept Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) at your convenience centers?


No, at this time we do not. However, you may contact DHEC for more information.