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Drinking Water Week Poster Contest

For more than 35 years the American Water Works Association and its members have celebrated Drinking Water Week – a unique opportunity for both water professionals and the communities they serve to join together in recognizing the vital role water plays in our daily lives. (source:

BCWS invites all Berkeley County students in grades K - 8th to help us celebrate by participating in our annual poster contest. Click here to learn more.

Drinking Water Week


As our valued customer, we wanted you to be aware that there was a minor equipment failure at our water source (the Lake Moultrie Regional Water Treatment Plant) yesterday. This equipment failure in no way affects the safety of the water provided to you, however you may notice a slight musty/moldy odor in the water.

Again, this issue in no way affects the safety of the water.  Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to resolve this issue and it will take up to 7 days for the odor to clear out of our water distribution system.

To ensure your safety, the water quality is constantly being monitored during this time. However, there is no cause to be alarmed and the water is safe to drink. 

Storm Debris Information Center

  • Important: The final pass for storm debris pickup on county maintained roads In Berkeley County will begin on Monday, March 24. Residents are asked to please bring all storm debris to the curb by this time.
  • Please note that area convenience centers will resume regular business hours on March 24th and yard debris will need to be placed in designated containers on-site. Our 10ft. /single axle trailer rule, along with normal tipping fees at the landfill will also be back in effect.
  • BCWS contractors/crews are only picking up storm debris from county maintained paved & unpaved roads.  All state maintained roads are being handled by SCDOT contractors. If you need to reach them please call (843) 761-8481.