Convenience Center Rules

We value the safety of our employees and you, our customer! Please adhere to these rules when visiting our convenience centers and the landfill.


-  All area convenience centers are for Berkeley County residential waste only


- Pickup sized vehicles only - larger vehicles must use the landfill.

- Double axle trailers 12’ or less are allowed at the Convenience Centers. All others

  must use the Landfill.

- Maximum waste accepted at the Convenience Center site is a ½ ton. The ½  ton is

  considered to be approximately a pick- up load or one 12' double axle trailer load.

  Combinations of pick-up and trailer loads are allowed.

- Customers are responsible for unloading and placing waste in the proper containers.


- Shoes must be worn at all times.

- Children must be attended to at all times.

- Recycling is encouraged. Please use the containers provided.

- Special Waste Disposal must be coordinated with staff at Landfill.

- Police have jurisdiction at all sites.

- Swap Shops will accept only items suitable for re-use. Textiles are not accepted.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Solid Waste/Recyling Department at (843) 719-2386.