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AD Hare Water Renovations

(Project Manager - Ashley Yeh )

The project involves the construction of approximately 15,506 LF of 6” water main, approximately 13,496 LF of 4” water main, 6,215 LF of 2” water main, 20 post hydrants, 19 fire hydrant assemblies, fittings and associated appurtenances.  It will consist of replacing the existing (smaller) water mains with a larger one.  In addition, new water meters and boxes will be installed.  These installations will occur withint the rights-of-way or a general utility easement along private roads.

The roads that are included in the project are: Broughton Hall Road, Bunkerhill Lane, Joey Lane, Morton Waring Lane, Old Village Drive, Quail Drive, Ranch Drive, Shoreside Court, Summerton Court, West Lake Shore Drive, Academy Lane, Windy Hill Lane, Almond Street, Ben’s Circle, Bryan Drive, Cooper Store Road, Crestwood Drive, Lucas Street, Starbright Lane, Stormwatch Lane, Val-Mar Drive, Walsh Drive, AD Hare Lane, Alle Place, Ayers Drive, Buttonwood Lane, Cain Drive, Dial Lane, Doc Lacy Lane, Dooley Lane, Fellowship Lane, Fox Squirrel Lane, Graceland Drive, Harriets Way, Jolewis Lane, Lakenglen Drive, Louise Lane, England Road, Maries Lane, McCall Alley, Morning Dove Lane, Parsonage Road, Peggy Lane, Private Lane, Pinopolis Road and Shelby Lane.

The project is currently under construction.  Traffic controls and some water service interruptions are to be expected.  However, BCWS will do our best to minimize water service interruptions and advanced notice will be given prior to any planned service outage.  In addition to our crews, you will see contractors retained by us in the area.  These contractors are MJL, Inc., and Eadies Construction, Inc.  The construction is expected to be completed by the end of September.


Last update: April 3, 2014