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Application Data Retention: Be very careful when completing your first application in the system – make sure that your information is accurate and that you have attached all required documents before you click “Apply.” Once you have submitted the application, you cannot make any changes or additions to that application. In addition, this is the information that will be retained for subsequent applications unless you make changes.
Do not begin to apply for a second “Open Position” posting until you have completed the first application. Information is retained only after your first application is completed and submitted.

Once you have completed and submitted your first application, subsequent applications will contain all the information from that application. Job positions may have different requests for attachments, so you will need to pay special attention to the job posting requirements. We recommend that you create a file containing your resume, transcripts, reference letters, etc., so they will be easily accessible as you are completing applications. Human Resources is unable to provide copies of documents already submitted with applications, so please keep copies of all documents that you submit.

Attachment Size: There is a 4 MB limit to the size of a document that Applicant Online will accept. When you scan your documents, there are two things to consider. The resolution must high enough to be readable -- minimum 150 dpi. You also want to make sure it is not too large to attach -- maximum 200 dpi. Large documents take more time to attach, and the server may “time out” while large documents are loading. If necessary, scan each page into a separate file. If your document is in Microsoft Word, you can save it as a PDF file for online publishing. This reduces the size of the document. Other programs allow for reducing the file size of documents.
Frequently Asked Questions - If you have any suggestions or questions, please call or email Human Resources at 843-719-4163 or

1. If I have been an applicant previously, or recently submitted a paper application, do I need to re-apply using the new system? Yes, you will need to reapply and attach the documentation required.

2. Can I fill out the application if there is no job open that I want to apply for? Since most of the information you supply in an application is specific to that position, you cannot submit an application until you are actually applying for a position. The system will not accept applications for any job that is not posted and available. You can, however, complete your profile and attach documents on the attachment tab.

3. I forgot my password and the email I just received said that my password had been changed. My new password is terrible -- I'll never remember it! Is there a way to change my password back to the one I had, or at least to one I can remember? In the event that you have forgotten your Login or Password, you can enter the e-mail address that you used to create the account and the system will e-mail the login information to you with a new password. The system does not have the functionality to allow you to change your own password. You should be sure to memorize your login and password or write them down in a safe place.

4. Can the supervisor who is interviewing for the position actually see my transcripts and resume?
Attachments are (Page 13), a part of the application and the some attachments are visible to the supervisor
when he or she views your application. You must attach all required documents stated on the job posting to
each application you submit.

5. Is there any way for me to be notified when new positions are posted? Yes, if you click on the "Email
Preferences" tab, you can tell Applicant Online if you want to receive email notifications of new positions.

6. Do I need to fill out an application each time I apply for a position? Yes, you are required to submit an
application for each position. However, Applicant Online retains the data from your previous application, so
you will need to click through the pages, make any changes, add your attachments, and click the "apply"
button on the last page.

7. I was interrupted in the middle of filling out my application and can't remember if I completed it. Is
there any way I can go back and check on it? Yes, click on the "Applications" tab to see a list of the
applications you have started along with their status. If the status is "Incomplete," click on "Resume
Application" to go back and complete the unfinished application.

8. I'm confused about Attachments. There are two different places to attach documents. What should I
attach to the application and what should I attach on the Attachment Tab? Attachments that you want the
hiring authority to see when he or she is looking at your application should be attached while you are
completing the application on page 13. These documents include transcripts, resume, reference letters, and
cover letters. Documents attached on the attachment tab are only visible to you and the Human Resources

9. I checked the box to receive email notification when positions are posted. I have seen new positions on
Applicant Online, why didn't I receive an email? Be sure to check your email's SPAM blocker
frequently. Applicants have reported that messages from Applicant Online and messages from our HR
department are being picked up by SPAM blockers and not being delivered.

10. When I try to enter my work history for the years I worked outside of the United States, I get an error
about the zip code not being recognized. How do I enter work history for work out of the United States?
The system currently is not set up for international postal codes. If you have work history outside of the United
States, please attach a document describing your work experience. Please include all of the information
requested on the Work History Screen. You can attach this document at the attachment screen (Page 11) and
on the attachment tab. We have included an attachment type for use in this case
If you are unable to find the answer to your question on this webpage, please call or send an email to Human
Resources at 843-719-4163 or